Under construction…in the meantime, here are a couple recent projects 🙂

Sprite (2019) – Live modular synthesizer performance
Excerpt from performance at Vox Populi, November 2019, modular synthesizer with live visuals in Max/MSP.

Jacob Weinberg (b.1991 in Harrisburg, PA) is a multimedia artist working in electronic media and sound in Philadelphia, PA. Through using combinations and configurations of Max/MSP patches, modular synthesizers, and field recordings, his work creates visceral sonic and visual textures that sit between abstraction and recognizability. Recently, he has been performing and organizing with a new Philadelphia-based electronic media collective, Philly AV. He holds a BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art where he studied painting in an interdisciplinary setting. When he is not making work, Jacob can be found brushing up on his audio engineering skills.